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No Other Wheels Are Built Like This

Thermowheel Rotor

Consists of Hub & Bearing assembly … Spokes … and Rim. Wheels larger than 10
feet in diameter are built in 8 or 12 segments. Each segment features media
supported by spokes, tensioned in place by the rim. TC Series wheels are a fully
segmented 4-spoke design.

TF Series


Patented Rim & Spoke Design

Allows each section of the wheel to be tensioned independently
– simplifies field assembly and assures flatter, rounder,
stronger wheel. Spokes are engineered for strength and
precision-fit of media segments. Rims have V-shaped grooves
on the outside to keep belts securely seated – ridges on the
inside perimeter to fasten the media.

Rugged Hub & Bearing Assembly

The foundation on which the wheel is built. – with each hub and shaft machined to
strict bearing manufacturer tolerances. This provides reliability needed for
minimum L-10 life of 1,000,000 hours.



Secure Seals

Thermowheel seals are strong, flexible, yet stay firmly in place. They can be set to
1/32” clearance from the media face because the I-beam spokes feature almost
zero deflection.

Balanced Sieve Media

Provides effective transfer of heat and moisture between outside supply and inside
exhaust airstreams. Choice of 3Å media features micro-engineered
desiccant, performance-tested in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 84-91
and ARI Standards 1060-01. Available with standard epoxy edge coating.
Sensible media, and special media for high temperature and corrosive
environments also available.



Motor Drive System

Designed for minimum life of 90,000 hours. Available with variable or constant speed
drives. Utilize gravity-tensioned twin V-belts that ride reliably in the rim groove. Small TC
units use a fixed motor and tensioner.

Control System & Sensors

Together they measure the temperature of the opposing air streams and control the
wheel speed for maximum efficiency. Controls can be configured for all conditions and
environments with interface to any HVAC system.