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TR SeriesRetrofit Case Studies

Thermowheel TR-697 Energy Recovery Wheel Installed To Replace SEMCO TE3-70 Heat Wheel at Boeing facility, Everett, WA

2006. Bearing failure of SEMCO’s heat wheel caused seals to rub media, closing off air flow. With concerns of future unreliability and downtime of the SEMCO wheel, Boeing plant engineers decided to replace it with a Thermowheel TR unit.

A Thermowheel TR-697 14-foot in diameter energy recovery wheel was installed in the existing frame – which was substantially upgraded for the application. All rotor parts were replaced with the patented Thermowheel system.

Uninterrupted air quality and reduced energy costs since 2006.


Three Thermowheel TR-697 Energy Recovery Wheels Installed To Replace SEMCO Heat Wheel Failures at University of Texas, Austin, TX

2006. An existing SEMCO wheel experienced rim and spoke failure, allowing pieces of media to break loose and causing cross contamination of exhaust fumes.

A Thermowheel TR-697 with high performance 3Å coated media was installed as replacement. The frame was upgraded with over 1,000 pounds of structural steel and all rotor parts were replaced with the Thermowheel patented system, including a new constant speed motor.

Air quality has exceeded all past levels and the university has benefited from reliable performance and energy savings ever since. In 2009, two other SEMCO heat wheels were replaced by Thermowheel TR units – which now is specified as the preferred choice for all future projects at the university.

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